I make Twitter bots that make art. Send these bots an image or video and it will manipulate it with various algorithms.

I’ve made four kinds of bots:

  1. An art bot
  2. Image manipulation bots
  3. A video manipulation bot
  4. An image posting bot

I keep a list of all my bots.

Please Read

Please be patient. Twitter enforces rate limiting, so if the queue is long it may take a while to process your image.

In addition, the server they are on has very constrained memory for image processing. This means that the bots take turns processing images which further delays returning images. If anyone would like to fund a server with more resources, they could consider themselves a patron of the arts.

Sensitive images If you send any of these bots sensitive material that would not be appropriate to openly display at work or show to a child, you must include the hashtag #NSFW. This includes nudity, violence, and medical procedures. If you do not, I will block you permanently.

Art Bot


Inspired by early computer art. information

Image Manipulation Bots


Shreds images. information & hashtag API


Blurs/pixelates images. information & hashtag API


Blends two images into one. information & hashtag API


Creates new plaids. No image needed. information & hashtag API


Zooms in on a small section of an image.


Applies an effect inspired by geometric shear mapping. information & hashtag API


Every so tweets a math-powered GIF. Inspired by

Homage to the Shapes

A study in color in shape.

Steganography Art (aka @imgtext)

Hidden messages in images.

Video Manipulation Bot

Takes a video or animated GIF as input and manipulates it. Since animated GIFs get turned into video by Twitter for delivery, they are essentially the same kind of media.


Applies a range of video glitches. information

Current glitches include bitrate/compression artifacts and per frame manipulations via my other bots. Looking for possible automated ways to add glitches.

Image Posting Bot

This kind of bot finds CC-licensed, public domain, or uncopyrighted images and posts them.


Leslie Jones was a photographer of some whimsy.